Small Projects

Jason Kamps Builders has built a name over the years for specializing in fine custom homes and  renovations. We bring the same quality of craftsmanship to smaller projects.

When we started back in 1997 the majority of our projects were small scale like rot repair, siding and decks. As we build relationships with our customers, we often get called back anytime they need something done on their homes because they trust us and know that we are going to “do it right” no matter what the project is.

No matter how small your project, if you want professional service with excellent results, contact us for a quote.


“Jason was exceptional at communication. He kept me posted through phone calls or emails as to what was going to happen week to week. I was also very impressed with his construction crew and sub-contractors. In addition to doing excellent work, they were always polite and considerate.”

- Anne, Home Owner

Small Project Portfolio


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