Over the last 15+ years, Jason Kamps Builders has been renovating homes with spectacular results. If you love the location of your home, but need more space or want to update or upgrade your home, we can help. Renovations include smaller projects such as updating a bathroom or kitchen but can also include larger scale projects like gutting an entire house and adding multiple rooms.

The challenge with renovations is that our clients frequently choose to live in their house while we complete the project. If their home is undergoing a major renovation, we sometimes construct temporary living quarters so they can live comfortably while their home is under construction.

We take a lot of pride in being able to keep a client in their home while completing even major renovations. We respect the client’s home and  leave it cleaner than we found it at the end of each work day. There is no better compliment than completing a renovation having your client tell you they will miss you.

If you are looking to transform your home, Jason Kamps Builders can get you the results you want with a great building experience throughout.


“We have no regrets in our decision to go with Jason Kamps Builders. We are very happy with the quality of his work and are very comfortable in our new home.”

- Toby, Home Owner

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