Custom Lake Front Home

This job was unique because we got involved when it was partially finished. The homeowners were living off-site and realized partially through the job that their previous builder had been charging them for work that was never completed. When confronted, he walked off the job leaving them with an unfinished house.

When we took it over the house was partially roofed and sided. We spent four months fixing poor workmanship from the previous builder. Meanwhile, the owner had moved back to the area and lived in the cottage next door while I finished the house. After what had happened with the previous builder it was not easy building their trust, but over time we developed a great relationship.

The end result is a lake house that is the dream home they envisioned.

About this project

CONSTRUCT Custom home built on lakefront property

Jason Kamps Construction is excellent! Jason Kamps is a man of the highest integrity; he does high quality work; and stands behind what he does. My wife and I trust him implicitly.


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